What States Do The Rocky Mountains Go Through?

What States Do The Rocky Mountains Go Through?

From New Mexico to the Northern Borders of Alberta.

The Rocky Mountains mountain-ranges are found in the Western region of North American in the US and Canada. The mountains go through the Northern part of New Mexico, stretching into Wyoming as well as Idaho and Colorado, and then into Montana. On the side of Canada, the extensive mountain range stretches into British Columbia and the borders of Alberta.

The totals miles covered by the mountains is estimated to be over 3000. These ranges also stretch to the continental divide of North America. The Rocky Mountains are also known as the ockies’ and are so substantial that water from the peak gives enough supply to almost a quarter of the United States.

The Geography of the Rocky Mountains:

In their stretch from British Columbia’s Laird-River to New Mexico’s Rio-Grande, these mountains cover a vast geographical region. In the United States, there is the eastern edge of the mountains that form a sharp divide during their rising from the interior plains. The western border, on the other hand, is not that sharp and comes with several smaller ranges in Montana and Utah. The sub-range in Utah is known as the Wasatch Range while the subrange in Montana is known as the Bitterroots.

In New Hampshire, the Rockies came to be known as White Mountains due to two reasons. Firstly, the highest peak in this state known as (Mount Washington) is covered by snow that you would definitely want to see. The snow appears all white at the top and not only during the winter but also for most parts of the year as well. Indeed, the snowy peak is the first thing anyone would notice as they enter New Hampshire. The other reason behind the White Mountains name is due to the granite residues observable at the top of the mountain. From a distance, the granite appears white from the top and trust me; it is a beautiful view. The White Mountains will make you quickly fall in love with the Rocky Mountains.

In Colorado, the Rocky Mountains form a strong base for tourist attraction. The Rockies in this state are a host to wild animals, and the view of the mountain in this area is perfect as well. The state is home to the Rocky Mountains National-Park that also provides an ideal snowy landscape to get across as you trail the national park. There are park rangers to guide you through the mountains on the winter weekends. You can also get a private snowshoe safari with your friends. Who knows, you may even run across some deer or wild turkey in the process.

Divisions Of The Rocky Mountains

The Rockies are divided into four main sections namely Northern, Southern as well as the Central and Canadian. These divisions are made according to the geographical area they occupy. The Southern Rockies cover much of New Mexico through Colorado to southern Wyoming. Wyoming is also a host to the central Rockies, which stretch to Utah through Idaho and Montana.

The Rocky Mountains are a marvelous experience for they have something to offer to every state they pass through. Starting from the White Mountains in New Hampshire to the various game parks and game reserves the mountains host in different states.

From Northern America to Canada, there are numerous cities that these mountains go through and trust me; your favorite destination city may be one of them. The best part is that it’s always a thrilling adventure to visit these mountains at any time of the year. Any fan of geography, wildlife and nature should definitely give it a try.