Principal Investigators

Bark-beetle mortality in high-elevation pine by Jeff Hicke

Craig Allen Craig Allen
Geographic focus: Southern Rockies
Affiliation: USGS Fort Collins Science Center, Jemez Mountains Field Station

Jill Baron Jill Baron
Geographic focus: Central Rockies
Affiliations: USGS Fort Collins Science Center and Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Dan Fagre Dan Fagre
Geographic focus: Northern Rockies
Affiliation: Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, Glacier National Park

Andrew Fountain Andrew G. Fountain
Geographic focus: Glaciers of the western US
Affiliation: Department of Geology, Portland State University

Jeff Hicke Jeff Hicke
Geographic focus: Western U.S.
Affiliation: Department of Geography, University of Idaho

Don McKenzie Don McKenzie
Geographic focus: Western U.S.
Affiliations: USDA Forest Service Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory and Fire & Mountain Ecology Lab

Dave Peterson Dave Peterson
Geographic focus: Pacific Northwest
Affiliations: USDA Forest Service Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory and Fire & Mountain Ecology Lab

Nate Stephenson Nathan Stephenson
Geographic focus: Sierra Nevada
Affiliation: USGS Western Ecological Research Center, Sequoia-Kings Canyon Field Station

Christina Tague Christina Tague
Geographic focus: Western U.S.
Affiliation: Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara
Email: ctague @


Bill Anderegg, University of Utah,
Drought-induced tree mortality

R. Scott Anderson, Northern Arizona University,
Synthesis and integration of paleoecological data

Dave Breshears, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Collaboration on studies of forest decline and carbon dynamics

Adrian Das, USGS Sequoia and Kings Canyon Field Station,
Forest demography and mortality

Don Falk, University of Arizona,
Fire climatology and ecosystem science

Jessica Halofsky, University of Washington,
Adaptation to climate change

Stephanie Kampf, Colorado State University,
Hillsope hydrology and west-wide elevational trends in snowmelt

Bob Keane, US Forest Service, Missoula Fire Lab,
Landscape models and disturbance interactions

Maureen Kennedy, University of Washington, Tacoma,
Integrated watershed modeling

Jeremy Littell, USGS Alaska Science Center,
Fire climatology and climate change

George Malanson, University of Iowa,
Collaboration on treeline dynamics syntheses and analyses

Nate McDowell, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Plant physiology, drought stress, and mortality

Carol Miller, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute,
Climate change and wilderness fire management

Dennis Ojima, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory,
Adaptation to climate change

Haiganoush Preisler, US Forest Service,
Statistical modeling of beetle outbreaks

Kenneth Raffa, University of Wisconsin,
Bark-beetle outbreaks

Uma Shankar, University of North Carolina,
Climate change, wildfire, and air quality

Tom Swetnam, University of Arizona,
Synthesis and integration of fire history data and leadership on fire-climate analyses