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Perth II: Global Change and the World's Mountains -- Perth, Scotland, UK, September 2010

Conference host websites:
   Centre for Mountain Studies (CMS) at Perth College UHI
   Mountain Research Initiative

Presentations (PDFs hosted by MRI):

Allen, Craig. 2010. Climate and Synergistic Interactions Among Forest Die-off, Fire, and Erosion in Southwestern Mountains (USA) (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 2.2).

Baron, Jill. 2010. Framework and Principles of the Western Mountain Initiative (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 4.4).

Baron, Jill. 2010. Emerging themes from an integrative perspective (Perth Conference, Scotland, plenary session Thursday).

Fagre, Dan. 2010. Descriptive & Theoretical Contexts for Alpine Plant Community Dynamics (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 3.2).

Fagre, Dan. 2010. Snow avalanches and disturbance in a changing climate (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 2.2).

Fountain, Andrew. 2010. Variations in glacier retreat in the American West, implications for water resources (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 3.5).

Hicke, Jeffrey. 2010. Climate change in mountain ecosystems: Results from the Western Mountain Initiative (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 4.4).

Littell, Jeremy. 2010. The Western Mountain Initiative III: Interactions, thresholds, and cumulative effects: how, when, and why might mountain ecosystems change rapidly or irreversibly? (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 4.4).

Peterson, David. 2010. Adapting to climate change through science-management partnerships (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 4.4).

Tague, Christina. 2010. Forecasting and Futures: Spatial-complexity in scenarios of eco-hydrologic responses to warming in the Western US (Perth Conference, Scotland, Session 4.4).


Dennis Ojima, Timothy Kittel, Jill Baron, Craig D. Allen, David L. Peterson, Don McKenzie, Nate Stephenson, Dan Fagre, Christina Tague, Jeff Hicke, Stephanie Kampf, Steve Knox, Nan Rosenbloom, Sayat Temirbekov. 2010. Downscaled Climate Projections for Consideration in Complex Terrain of the Western Mountain Initiative: A Colorado Example.